Choi, Byung so 최병소 기간 | 2015 3 5 – 2015 4 26 장소 | 아라리오갤러리 서울 [Show slideshow]

Choi, Byung so

   2014  Kulim Kim, ARARIO MUSEUM BIKE SHOP, Jeju               Rose Noire, ARARIO GALLERY Seoul               He is the Avant-garde, ARARIO GALLERY Cheonan               Plastic Surgery, Place MAK, Seoul    2013  Like […]

대표자의 말

In March 2014, Arario Gallery Seoul has moved to So-gyuk Dong, a place known as the Mecha of Korea’s contemporary art scene. Arario’s So-gyuk Dong era began with the solo exhibition of its exclusive-contract artist, In-bae Kim. Having begun in Cheonan, Arario Gallery has been actively asserting its presence in […]

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